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So someone please tell me possible ways to solve this problem: I had something going for me. I thought I did. I thought I had a future involving something I love. Now that something is no longer lovable; it’s a burden, it’s a chore…basically I HATE IT. So I went from loving one thing with all my heart and soul and everything I hold dear, completely giving my all to it, busting my ass for it, doing whatever it took, and then realizing that I don’t want to live my life this way because it’s slowly killing me, very very painfully and without mercy.

Am I wasting my time? Am I just too stressed to care enough about it? Should I keep doing this to myself just for this one thing that I question whether I’m making the right choice every single day of my life?

If you truly loved something, you wouldn’t be questioning it, would you? You would already know, right? Love is serious, you have to really have genuine and true feelings for whatever or whomever you are stating that you love. It’s such a sensitive word…

In a way, I think I’m questioning whether or not I know what love is….because if I did, I wouldn’t be posting this.

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